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Why use E10 fuel?

Putting cheap supermarket fuel in you petrol driven power tools can lead to it needing a repair

Your power tools deserve better! 

Stihl recommends storing a 2-cycle fuel mixture prepared using E10 fuel for no more than 30 days in order to minimise phase separation. In this context, "phase separation" means: the ethanol absorbs moisture from the air and settles to the bottom of the canister. This can cause engines to run roughly or not at all. If you've experienced this, you'll know the frustration and the damage it can cause.

In general, unsuitable fuels or a fuel/oil mixing ratio that deviates from the specification can lead to engine damage. 

That is why STIHL MotoMix and MotoPlus fuels are always the best choice. They are specially formulated for these engines and ensure high performance and long service life. And did you know that STIHL MotoMix fuel can stand the test of time? You’ll need to keep it in a dry and dark place at an average temperature of 20°C, but when you do that it can last for up to five years! This means you won’t have to buy a new batch of fuel if you aren’t using your STIHL tools every day, which makes MotoMix a great economical choice.

We sell these in all of our Griffiths Hire shops. Visit one of our stores today to buy the STIHL MotoMix and MotoMix fuels to give your power tools the lifetime they deserve. 

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