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How Griffiths Hire Shop Powered Electric Mountain's Latest Project

How Griffiths Hire Shop Powered Electric Mountain's Latest Project

We at Griffiths Hire Shop are excited to share a recent collaboration that highlights our commitment to providing the right equipment solutions for complex projects. We've had the privilege of partnering with a renowned Wrexham engineering company, Barnett Engineering Ltd, on a significant refurbishment project deep within the heart of Electric Mountain, Wales.

Electric Mountain, known for its awe-inspiring visitor centre and critical role in power generation, recently embarked on an ambitious refurbishment project. Learn more about this fascinating site here.


The Challenge

The Barnett Engineering Ltd team worked tirelessly, situated two miles deep inside the labyrinth of tunnels that form the Electric Mountain. The project's scale and the site's complexity required robust and reliable equipment to ensure seamless progress.

Understanding the demands of such a high-profile project, Griffiths Hire Shop provided the perfect solution: our 400cfm Portable Compressor. This model is not only class-leading in fuel efficiency but also sets the benchmark in low emissions, making it an ideal choice for environmentally sensitive projects like Electric Mountain. You can explore more about this innovative equipment here.

Why Our Compressor Made the Difference

The 400cfm Portable Compressor from Griffiths Hire Shop was chosen for its unmatched efficiency and reliability. Its advanced technology ensures that even in the most demanding environments, like the depths of Electric Mountain, it operates flawlessly. The compressor's fuel efficiency also meant that the project could progress with minimal environmental impact, aligning with modern sustainability goals.

We're proud to have played a role in this essential refurbishment project, demonstrating our capability to support significant engineering feats.

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