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The RE 140 PLUS is a powerful, robust pressure washer packed with features to help you get any of your tough cleaning jobs done quickly. And right now, you’ll also get a free foam nozzle when you buy an RE 140 PLUS pressure washer. The foam nozzle is a great accessory when cleaning cars with your pressure washer, as the foam clings to the car and softens grime so it can be easily blasted off.

It has a brushless induction motor, an aluminium pump and 10 metre long steel reinforced high-pressure hose. As a PLUS model, it also comes with an integrated hose reel and hose guide for practical storage, as well as an aluminium extendable handle which makes it easy to transport around the garden.

It has a built-in side storage compartment for the nozzles and power cable. There are two hooks for the power cable, one of which can be quickly rotated so you don't even need to unwind the cable.

It comes with a detergent spray bottle too, which can be easily attached to the lance and used to deliver precise amounts of detergent when cleaning. The anti-drill quick release couplings on the spray lance and the high-pressure outlet are simple to set up and prevent the hose from tangling, which means that no job is too big.

The RE 140 PLUS is the ideal pressure washer if you want to clean large areas quickly and efficiently.

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