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Griffiths Hire Shops Ltd
Excellent for harvesting thin wood, with more powerful engine performance at a low weight. With M-Tronic as standard. Long-life air filter system with HD2 filter requires only occasional cleaning, captive nut on the sprocket cover, economical 2-MIX engine,3/8" PS saw chain for very high cutting performance.

  • Displacement: 42.6cm3
  • Power output: 2.2kW/3.0S
  • Weight (without fuel): 5.3kg
  • power to weight ratio: 2.0kg/kw
  • Vibration (left/right): 2.9/2.9ms2
  • Sound pressure/power level: 103dB(A)/115dB(A)
  • Bar length: 35cm/14"
  • Saw chain pitch: .325"RS

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