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The STIHL BR 600 is a powerful petrol leaf blower suited to tending public parks or large private grounds. It can easily clear leaves, grass cuttings, and even larger items such as a cans, making this blower a powerful all-rounder to keep in your arsenal.

With its high air throughput and optimised power-to-weight ratio, this blower is both easy to handle and allows you to get your clearing jobs completed in no time.


Anti-vibration technology is also standard on this machine, enhancing comfort and reducing the risk of blood vessel damage when used for long periods.

Finally, all operational controls are built in to a multi-function handle for simple thumb-operated control.

  • Optimised power-to-weight ratio
  • STIHL 4-Mix engine (powerful, low noise, reduced emissions, and lower fuel consumption)
  • Comfortable harness with hip belt (even weight distribution and soft padding)
  • Multi-function control handle (all controls in reach of your thumb)
  • Anti-vibration system (improved comfort and lower risk of injury)

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