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Stairwell / Multi Purpose, various sizes

Griffith Tool Hire
A specifically designed stairwell tower based on the Alto MD Tower. Using 2mm fluted aluminium tube with a 1.2m long working platform. The stairwell system can also be used as a standard aluminium tower, ideal for tight spaces and landing areas on staircases.
Platform Length
1.2m (4'0")
600mm Wide Platforms
Conforms with all safety legislation.

Only 700mm Wide Overall
Fits almost all domestic stairs.

Walk Through Frames
Allows use of household stairs in emergencies. Makes it easier for operatives to carry materials.

Includes Ladder Access
Allowing safer climbing and working.

Conforms Fully To European Standards

Can be used as a Standard Tower
Ideal for jobs in tight spaces and landing areas

Compact Dimensions
Easy to transport, even in estate cars.

2mm Thick Tube
More resistant to denting and crushing than lightweight towers.

Scaffold Tube Diameter
Makes adaptions and tieing in easy, because you can use standard tube and fittings.

Fully Welded Joints
Means fractured welds are a thing of the past.

Conical Head Fittings
Prevents frames from jamming when towers are being assembled and dismantled.

Platform Length
1.2m (4'0")
Platform Width
0.7m (2'3")
Platform Loading
6m free standing (20m+ if tied in)
Toe Boards
1 piece folding aluminium

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