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The Makita DC40RA compact fast charger is specially developed for XGT 40v Max lithium-ion batteries. With the optional charging adapter ADP10 (sold separately), the charger is also suitable for fast charging LXT 14.4v and 18v LXT batteries. The machines, batteries and charger of the XGT platform are standard equipped with enhanced electronics so that they can communicate with each other - this allows the charger to give the most optimized charge to the battery depending on the status of the battery itself. The charger is also equipped with two fans: one for forced cooling of the battery and one for cooling the charging circuit. Combining these techniques prevents high temperatures in the battery and charger, extending the life of the battery and significantly accelerating the charging process. Result: an optimal loading system.

The XGT 40v Max lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 2.5Ah and 4.0Ah are fully charged in 28 and 45 minutes respectively. In combination with the ADP10 adaptor (sold separately), 18v LXT batteries can also be charged faster than with any current LXT fast chargers. For example, a 5.0Ah or 6.0Ah 18v LXT battery is fully charged within 40 minutes, compared to 55 minutes with an LXT fast charger. The charger can also be mounted on a wall.

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