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Cable Detector

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Cable Detector

A CAT (Cable avoidance tool) is used for locating a wide variety of underground pipes and cables for safety when digging underground. Generally used on its own for detecting live signals but can also be used with a signal generator when trying to locate a cable or metal pipe. Rugged and lightweight, has three mode settings.

Other equipment used with this product are signal generator and sonde/mouse attachment for drain rods.

On/off control. Press for ‘on’, release for ‘off’. Battery check tone at switch on.
3 position function select switch:
– P – Power Mode for detecting live imbalanced cables.
– R – Radio Mode for detecting re-radiated radio signals.
– G – Generator Mode for detecting conductors carrying the signal generated by the C.Scope Signal Generator or from the Sonde Transmitter.
Sensitivity Control.
Push button to activate depth measurement.

Large, easy to read liquid crystal display. Shock resistant, mounted behind
polycarbonate lens for maximum protection.
The display indicates: Signal strength, Battery condition, Confirmation of selected mode, Depth in G mode.

P – 50-400 Hz R – 15-20 kHz G – 33 kHz

Depth of detection
Live mode up to 3m, Sonde mode up to 6m
Shallow depth indication – less than 0.25m

8 x AA (IEC type LR6), Typical life (guide) – 40 hours. Weight 3.0 kgs (including batteries), Moisture/dust resistant to IP65.

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