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Tidy up your garden this Autumn with Stihl leaf blowers

Autumn is just around the corner. Leaves will be starting to turn orange and yellow, and it won't be long until they start falling. It may look pretty, but keeping your paths, drives and gardens free of fallen leaves can be a real task during Autumn. 

If you are getting tired of raking and shovelling leaves as they fall onto the ground, we have the perfect piece of kit for you.

Introducing the Stihl leaf blower…

This leaf blower is lightweight but very powerful, making it very easy for everyone to use. It is ideal for both professional and domestic use. It has an easy to start engine, anti-vibration system and soft-grip handles to help reduce any tiredness felt by the operator. 

A vacuum kit is also available as an accessory to convert the leaf blower into a vacuum shredder. 

You can hire a Stihl leaf blower for 7 days from any of our branches for only £35.00 plus VAT. Weekend hire is just £21.00 plus VAT - perfect for getting your paths and gardens in order.

Would you prefer to buy instead of hire? Get in touch with your nearest branch for our best discounted prices. View the range we offer here

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