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Introducing the Stihl iMow

Are you struggling to keep up with how fast your grass is growing this time of year? Does your busy lifestyle mean your grass is the last on the list of to-dos?

The Stihl iMow would be your perfect new gadget! This robotic lawn mower will do all the work for you! 

iMow mows your lawn automatically and according to your garden’s needs.

The iMow is battery powered, meaning there are no fumes or emissions. The best part is... It even charges itself. The charging schedule will be aligned with the cutting schedule, meaning a more energy-efficient charging time is needed. 

As well as cutting your lawn, it cares for it. The cutting blades work to shred the grass clippings and evenly disperse back onto the lawn, acting as a fertiliser. 

No matter what shape or size your garden is, the iMow will keep your lawn looking green and crisp. It can even operate on inclines of up to 45%. 

All iMows come with a domestic 5 year warranty. 

This lawnmower was recently awarded a Best Buy by Gardener's World magazine for medium-sized lawns. They summarise their review by saying, "Impressive performance, easy to use, packed with features for the price and has a long warranty".

If you are interested in purchasing one of these great little robots, please contact your local Griffiths Hire Shops branch to arrange a demo.

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