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STIHL FS410C-EM Professional Clearing Saw


The Stihl FS 410 C-EM is a powerful clearing saw for clearing almost any area of brush or very tough grass. Recommended for landscaping, road maintenance and forestry work.

This heavy-duty, professional brushcutter features the Stihl 4-point anti-vibration system, Stihl ErgoStart which allows the cord to be pulled at just one third of the normal force to start & also features the impressive M-Tronic technology which is a fully electronic engine management system, that adjusts ignition timing and fuel metering in all operating modes. The M-Tronic engine management also takes external conditions such as temperature, altitude and fuel quality into account to ensure consistent engine performance, a constant maximum speed, with superb acceleration. Once you have experienced a machine with M-Tronic technology, nothing will compare!


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  • STHIL M-Tronic 2-MIX engine
  • Bike handle, making it ideal for working on large areas and reduces fatigue
  • Stihl 4-point anti-vibration system
  • Multi-function handle, with stop switch & speed control for easy adjustment
  • Stihl ErgoStart
  • Larger fuel tank
  • Manual fuel pump (Purger)
  • Long-life air filter
  • Winter setting
  • Tool free handle adjustment
  • 2 Year warranty for domestic use / 1 Year warranty for professional use
  • 1x FS410C-EM
  • 1x ADVANCE double shoulder harness
  • 1x AutoCut mowing head
  • Tools to fit blade/head

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