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Paslode IM360Xi Nail Gun

The 360Xi framing nailer is light and perfectly balanced to guarantee a great performance for multiple applications. A high performing lithium battery and weatherproof fuel cells. Free service included in price.
Weight According EPTA 3.6 kg
Power (Impact Force) 105 J
Operating Temperature Range -15°C...+49 °C
Fixings Per Sec 2-3 fixings
Fixings Per Hour 1,000 fixings
Magazine Capacity 47 fixings
Fuel Cell Capacity 1,100 (-15°C) shots
Fastener Length Range 50-90 mm
Vibration (EN ISO 8662-11) hav 3.9 m/s²
Sound Pressure Level (En 12549) Lpa,1S,1M 95 dB(A)
Peak Sound Pressure (En 12549) Lpcpeak 135 dB(C)
Fixings Per Battery Charge 13,000
Battery Charge Time 90 Min.
Battery Type Lithium

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Price: £ 499.00
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